All steps that occur from original due diligence to acquisition and to disposition, Commercial Florida is the Owner’s advocate to increase the value of the asset, minimize risk, and distribute returns.

Commercial Florida has streamlined operations, reduced costs, increased cash flow and strategically positioned assets throughout Florida. Commercial Florida understands that every asset is unique – with distinct tenants, repositioning opportunity and specific attributes. Each and every day, we leverage best in class practices and real-time data to maximize building operational performance with a goal towards enhancing value.

Commercial Florida’s skilled professionals are at the core of success, sharing insights and knowledge to develop innovative asset management practices and advanced technologies that increase asset values and enrich service experiences. Regardless of portfolio size, the team brings exceptional value and service delivery to each asset managed.

Communication is key within the real estate industry as it is constantly evolving with various moving parts. Commercial Florida’s integrated service arms work collaboratively with one another for a seamless communication channel. The requirement for third party services outside of the organization is limited to provide the utmost confidentiality as well as savings for Owners.

Asset Management Services

  • Due Diligence
  • Investor Marketing
  • Financing
  • Leasing & Brokerage
  • Property Management
  • Lease Administration
  • Asset Reporting
  • Property Level Accounting
  • Lender Obligations
  • Acquisition/Disposition
  • Portfolio Leasing Strategies